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PMP United Insulating Ceramic Rubber Roof Coating - 1 Gallon Flair Distribution

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Flair Distribution
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PMP United Insulating Ceramic Rubber Roof Coating - 1 Gallon PMP Roof Coating is our highest quality roof coating we...
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PMP United Insulating Ceramic Rubber Roof Coating - 1 Gallon

PMP Roof Coating is our highest quality roof coating we offer and the best on the market. The Insulating Ceramic Coating has the longest customer warranty - 10 Years***

INSULKOTE™ is a Matte Finish, Bright White, Elastomeric Acrylic, Insulative and Reflective Ceramic, Waterproofing Protective ENERGY STAR® Liquid Roof Coating. It is a water-based, high build formula that possesses waterproofing, insulating and soundproofing properties that beautifies, protects and extends the life of most any roofing surface.

Nasa used product designed for use over RV rubber roofs, at seams and tears and to seal vents, air conditioners, etc. It is UV resistant and expands and contracts with roofs. Resists cracking and withstands impact, non-polluting and non-toxic. Easy application and water clean up. Color: White. 

-Reflects up to 95% UV Rays

-Use Over Rubber Roofs, At Seams, Tears, And To Seal Vents, Air Conditioners, Etc...

-Has Outstanding Exterior Durability And High Adhesion To Rubber

-Superior Mold, Mildew and Fungi Resistance

-Resists Cracking And Withstands Impact

-Non-Polluting, Non-Toxic. Complete Green Product

-Used To: Seal Seams And Tears/ Seal Vents And Air Conditioners

-10 Year Warranty*** 

-Expands And Contracts With Roof

Compatibility : Rubber Roofs (EPDM, PVC, TPO) and Most Other Roofs as Well
Spread Rate : 100-150 Square Feet Per Gallon.
Color : White
Unit Size : 1 Gallon

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Apply only to a sound, completely dry, well prepared roof surface. Leaks must be repaired before any coating is applied. An optional primer coat is recommended. If a primer was applied, it is essential that the primer surface is clean and dry and free of all moisture. If no primer was applied, prepare surface by thoroughly pressure washing with a water and chlorine mixture using at least 1500 P.S.I. to remove any previous coatings, dirt, grease, and other foreign materials, especially mold, mildew and algae. PMP United Roof Coating will resist mildew growth, but will not kill mildew already on the surface. Patch any holes, cracks, flashings, valleys, vents, etc., with a Waterproof Caulk and Sealant. Tape & seal all seams with a Polyester Fabric Tape. Metal: Clean surface of all grease, oil and foreign matter before priming. Rusted metal and uncoated metal must be primed with a Red Iron Oxide Primer Sealer. Use a degreaser on galvanized or coated metals which have oils or surface treatments. Check PMP United Roof Coating adhesion on galvanized or coated metal by applying to a small area and evaluating after 48 hours. If lack of adhesion is present after evaluating, metal must be lightly scuffed without penetrating the coated finish or galvanizing. 


Stir well before using. Do not thin, use product as is. Mix multiple containers of color together for greater color consistency. Do not apply when temperatures are below 45 degrees Fahrenheit or when humidity is very high. Do not apply when coating will be subjected to rain or heavy dew before it has had enough time to dry (approx. 2 to 4 hours). Drying time will vary depending on temperature, humidity and location. Apply using brush, roller or spray. Spread coating uniformly. Spread Rate will vary depending on surface. Apply each coat between 12 to 16 mils wet film thickness. Wait at least 12 hours before applying a second coat. Two coats resulting in a minimum 16 mil total dry film thickness is required and is mandatory for warranty compliance, or if the optional primer was used a minimum 20 mil total dry film thickness is required and is mandatory for warranty compliance. Airless Sprayers: Use at least a 1 gallon per minute piston type airless sprayer with a minimum tip size of .025. Remove all line filters and gun filters before spraying.

LEAKS: Leaks resulting from acts of providence, owner or their agents, are not the responsibility of NPCMI and under no circumstances shall NPCMI be liable in any respects to the building, it’s occupants, it’s contents or for any consequential or incidental damages. Leaks are required to be repaired prior to the application of any coating and therefore are not covered under any warranty.

LABOR: Products Warranties are Limited to Material Only (see Limitations below), Labor is not included. Flair does not Warranty for Labor of any Kind.
LIMITATIONS: No express or implied warranty is made of the merchantability, suitability, fitness for a particular use or purpose, and is limited in duration to the express warranty based on the individual Product’s Warranty, unless a shorter period is permitted by law. If no Warranty is stated for a specific product then the maximum warranty will be One Year from date of Purchase. If a Product has a specific Warranty and a Warranty was not applied for using a Warranty Registration Certificate, the maximum warranty will be One Year from Date of Purchase. PMP shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages or for damage to the building, it’s contents, or it’s occupants. PMP's liability is limited to the reasonable replacement cost of product that has been fully paid for and shall be limited to defective product in the affected area only, whether any claim against it is based upon strict liability, negligence, breach of warranty or any other theory or cause of action.

Clean Up:

Clean up all spills, tools and overspray immediately while the coating is still wet with warm soapy water.

Products will take 1-3 days on the east coast/central of the country. Shipments take an extra day or two to get to the far west coast.

Flair will cover any damaged packages and you have 30 days to return any unused product you have received.

Installation on most parts will have how to videos online.
We suggest hiring a expert for any wiring.(Typically Water Heaters)

Roofing kit installation video is on our site under roofing tab.

Please contact us anytime and Ed, Jason or James would be happy to help!
Yes, please call us and we will give you the shipping price. We will overnight your package.
Yes. Flair will send you a tracking number to track your package.
Yes. Flair can get almost any part requested. We are in the center of the RV manufacturing capital so most parts are accessible.
Flair is open Monday-Friday 8am-6pm. Leaving a message is the best option on weekends.
Most products have manufacturing warranties. Roofing rubber have 12-15 year warranties.
Flair website sells most of our top selling parts.
Roofing products & Water Heaters are our top selling.
Yes. there is a wholesale tab on the bottom of the website. You can also go to the contact us tab.
Please contact us about shipping and we will quote the shipping.
Flair is about to start doing roof installations in West Florida and Dallas Texas. Other parts need to be installed with a mechanic or on their own.

Located in the heart of RV country in Elkhart Indiana, Flair Distribution is the leader in RV products. We focus on selling premier RV Parts to RV Owners At Wholesale Prices. For over 20 years Flair has been providing the very best Products from the very best vendors, our partners in the RV industry.

At Flair, our customers are our lifeblood and that is why we focus on exceptional service one customer at a time and one transaction or one question at a time. Every encounter with our customers is a gift, and thus the most important thing we can do is provide exceptional service to go along with the very best products at the best prices. Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your RV or need to make a quick repair, you’ll find what you need at Flair.

We are excited to announce we have opened our 2nd warehouse/offices in 2020! (Located in Sarasota/Bradenton Florida)

PMP United Insulating Ceramic Rubber Roof Coating - 1 Gallon Flair Distribution
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