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Gaco Large/Small RV Complete Roofing Kit Flair Distribution

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Flair Distribution
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GacoRoof Kit comes with Roof Coating/Cleaning Solution & Liquid Tape 100% Silicone Roof Coating GacoRoof 100% Silicone Roof Coating creates...
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GacoRoof Kit comes with Roof Coating/Cleaning Solution & Liquid Tape

100% Silicone Roof Coating

GacoRoof 100% Silicone Roof Coating creates a seamless membrane to seal and repair existing roofs and permanently protect against leaks, permanent ponding water and the damaging effects of severe weather. GacoRoof is available in several colors to enhance the aesthetics of any roof. Ideal for use on flat and sloped roofs including, but not limited to, large and small buildings, homes, garages and patio covers, sheds and barns, mobile homes, RVs and more.

How to select the right size kit?

We make it very simple... you select the square footage you're trying to cover and we'll send the right amount to get the job done.

Select the square footage you'd like to cover and we'll send the exact amount of Gaco Coating, Liquid Tape and Cleaning Solution. (We make sure you have enough to cover the maximum square footage of selected size) Select up to 400ft of Square footage. If you need more just add another kid to the order that fits the size of the job.


100% SILICONE.¬†The unique chemistry of GacoRoof offers peace of mind for a lifetime! It outperforms and outlasts acrylic, urethane, asphalt and Hypalon¬ģ¬†coatings.

NO PRIMER REQUIRED. GacoRoof will adhere to most surfaces without a primer including built up roofs, cap sheet, metal, modified bitumen and sprayed polyurethane foam.

REMAINS PERMANENTLY FLEXIBLE. GacoRoof will stay flexible and maintain adhesion, even under permanent ponding water or snow pack. Other coatings become brittle and begin to degrade over time.

WITHSTANDS PERMANENT PONDING WATER. GacoRoof is an excellent choice for flat or sloped roofs. Extremely durable, GacoRoof will not soften, bubble or degrade under permanent ponding water.

NON-SACRIFICIAL. GacoRoof is unaffected by harsh UV rays and temperature extremes.

PREVENTS COSTLY TEAR OFFS. By recoating your weathered roof with GacoRoof, you not only extend the life of your roof, you avoid the need for a time-consuming and costly tear off.


 *Conditions apply.

  • What substrates does GacoRoof adhere to?

    GacoRoof adheres to a multitude of roof types. Suitable substrates include silicone, aged asphalt (not for use on 3-tab asphalt or architectural shingles), aged EPDM and TPO/CPA (may require GacoFlex E5320), built-up, cap sheet, composite, concrete, fiberglass, metal, modified bitumen, torchdown and sprayed polyurethane foam. GacoRoof is perfect for Residential and Commercial buildings, as well as flat and low-pitched roofs, mobile homes, RV’s and campers.

  • Is there a mildicide in GacoRoof? Does GacoRoof mold or mildew?

    There is no mildicide in GacoRoof, because mildew does not grow on the surface of GacoRoof. Unlike acrylic coatings, GacoRoof is inert and does not provide a food source for mildew or mold.

  • Can GacoRoof be applied to roof decks or walkways?
  • Silicone can be slick, especially when the surface is wet, so GacoRoof should not be used for areas with foot traffic. GacoDeck Kit is a better choice for roof decks.

Liquid Roof Tape

LiquidRoofTape is a thick, high-build, rubber-like liquid consisting of 100% silicone and microfibers. The unique properties allow it to replace traditional rubber and mesh seam tapes when used in conjunction with GacoRoof 100% Silicone Roof Coating. LiquidRoofTape will fill cracks, voids and depressions; reinforce joints, seams, penetrations and transitions; and completely encapsulate fasteners and protrusions.

LiquidRoofTape will exhibit resistance to wear under light foot traffic. It is light gray in color, making it distinguishable from silicone top coatings.


STRENGTHENED WITH MICROFIBERS. LiquidRoofTape is the ultimate 100% silicone liquid roof seam tape reinforced with microfibers.

EXCEPTIONAL COVERAGE. LiquidRoofTape provides protection against light foot traffic during periodic maintenance.

INNOVATIVE ROOF TAPE TECHNOLOGY. As part of an integrated system, applying LiquidRoofTape to joints, flashings, small cracks and uneven surfaces, will create a seamless membrane to apply a top coat of GacoRoof 100% Silicone Roof Coating.


Concentrated Cleaner

GacoWash non-hazardous* formulation is ideal for use as a cleaning solution for aged single ply membranes, concrete and metal roofing, as well as most existing coatings and coated polyurethane foam. GacoWash should always be the first step in every GacoFlex Silicone Roof Coating System.

CONCENTRATED CLEANER. GacoWash is a non-hazardous* concentrated cleaning solution for roofing membranes, metal panels and existing waterproofing systems. It is formulated to remove tough dirt and pollen.

SYSTEM OF INTEGRATED PRODUCTS. The GacoFlex Silicone Roof Coating System requires a clean surface. To ensure the roof is completely clean, it is imperative to use GacoWash prior to applying GacoFlex Silicone Coatings.

How to use the Gaco Roof Coating System:


Products will take 1-3 days on the east coast/central of the country. Shipments take an extra day or two to get to the far west coast.

Flair will cover any damaged packages and you have 30 days to return any unused product you have received.

Installation on most parts will have how to videos online.
We suggest hiring a expert for any wiring.(Typically Water Heaters)

Roofing kit installation video is on our site under roofing tab.

Please contact us anytime and Ed, Jason or James would be happy to help!
Yes, please call us and we will give you the shipping price. We will overnight your package.
Yes. Flair will send you a tracking number to track your package.
Yes. Flair can get almost any part requested. We are in the center of the RV manufacturing capital so most parts are accessible.
Flair is open Monday-Friday 8am-6pm. Leaving a message is the best option on weekends.
Most products have manufacturing warranties. Roofing rubber have 12-15 year warranties.
Flair website sells most of our top selling parts.
Roofing products & Water Heaters are our top selling.
Yes. there is a wholesale tab on the bottom of the website. You can also go to the contact us tab.
Please contact us about shipping and we will quote the shipping.
Flair is about to start doing roof installations in West Florida and Dallas Texas. Other parts need to be installed with a mechanic or on their own.

Located in the heart of RV country in Elkhart Indiana, Flair Distribution is the leader in RV products. We focus on selling premier RV Parts to RV Owners At Wholesale Prices. For over 20 years Flair has been providing the very best Products from the very best vendors, our partners in the RV industry.

At Flair, our customers are our lifeblood and that is why we focus on exceptional service one customer at a time and one transaction or one question at a time. Every encounter with our customers is a gift, and thus the most important thing we can do is provide exceptional service to go along with the very best products at the best prices. Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your RV or need to make a quick repair, you’ll find what you need at Flair.

We are excited to announce we have opened our 2nd warehouse/offices in 2020! (Located in Sarasota/Bradenton Florida)

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