The 5 most important 2020 Spring RV parts checklist✅

The 5 most important 2020 Spring RV parts checklist✅

Are you ready to get outside and travel again?

Spring is always the most popular time for RV owners to buy new products and upgrade their RV’s. 2020 has been a crazy year so far and people have been looking forward to getting outside. Social distancing has become a norm and people are looking for things to accomplish/upgrade things. Rubber roofing products are always the largest/most popular spring products in RV distribution centers right now. 

Is your RV due for a roofing upgrade?

Customers have been buying all sizes of rubber and Flair Distribution has been stocking up on roofing kits. TPO and EPDM are the highest quality products and customers have been upgrading their roofs at record amounts over the past week.

If your rig has been set aside in storage for the cold season, it’s very important to make sure it’s in tip-top shape before taking it on your next adventure.

Here is a list of 5 products to check:

  1. Water Heaters (Atwood or Suburban)
  2. Roofing (TPO EPDM)
  3. Power Converter(PowerMax ⚡️)
  4. Water Pump(Shurflo or Flow Max)
  5. Appliances

  1. Water Heaters are a major necessity for RV travelers. The 2 most trusted brands are Atwood and Suburban which come in 6 & 10 gallon sizes. The features include a high temperature limit switch, thermostat and pressure relief valve that prevents problems before they happen.
  2. Roofing kits are the biggest spring sellers for Flair Distribution. Customers are either upgrading their roof or buying it for their shops to repair for the travel season. TPO and EPDM kits come with adhesive and allow for easy application of the roofing rubber. There is a how to video on all roofing product page in the Roofing Link
  3. Power Converters are a must for any RV because it runs a majority of the electrical units. We are proud to partner with PowerMax Converters and have all of their products on the site. If your power converter goes out on a trip a mechanic can charge up to 300% more then buying it directly.
  4. Water pumps are relatively inexpensive and the Shurflo and Flow Max products are the best on market. These are self priming and extremely quiet. Water Pumps are an easy replacement for any RV.
  5. Appliances might not always be a necessity but upgrading before travel season is something we suggest looking into. Whether it be getting a better fridge, oven or Microwave, there’s plenty of brand new options. Click the link and see if there’s a product that works for your RV.

For more information on Wholesale products/pricing or our website.Feel free to browse the website and contact Flair Distribution with any questions:


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