RV Roofing-TPO vs. EPDM

RV Roofing-TPO vs. EPDM

RV Roofing TPO vs. EPDM

Spring and Summer are major months for repairing RV roofs. We want to help owners compare the 2 rubbers and understand which material they should be buying for their RV repair. Customers often ask what sizes and which material is best for their RV. Both products are high quality, but let us help break down some differences.

EPDM is a 40 mil thick black on white roofing material which is a bit heavier due to the higher concentration of rubber. TPO is lighter due to a higher concentration of synthetic material in a 30 mil thickness, and it is a white on white roofing material. Both products are of the highest quality and come with similar warranties from the manufacturer - over 10 years for each one.

EPDM(Ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) rubber roofing materials.

TPO(Thermoplastic Polyolefin)

Our site wanted to make the buying process simple for the average RV repair order. We have set up our sizes in 18ft, 22ft, 28ft, 32ft, 38ft, 40ft in length. We also have the standard widths available for your size RV 8.5ft, 9ft, 9.5ft wide. Our options also include kits that have everything needed for the repair(Glue Adhesive, Self Level, Butyl Tape)

EPDM roofing systems have been the industry leader for over 50 years now. TPO is gaining in popularity on EPDM and may even overtake it as the preferred industry choice in the near future. There are many advantages offered by TPO which make it so popular for commercial roofing, starting with its energy efficiency. EPDM has a dark surface, which in summer conditions will absorb heat, forcing cooling systems to work overtime, whereas TPO roofing reflects sunlight allowing commercial air conditioners to work more efficiently. 

TPO roofs negative may be as they age, they become less flexible and can actually crack open. This is the main factor that limits their lifespan. But with the 15 year manufacture warranty this is not a major issue for most buyers. Since TPO is a slightly cheaper option, it's very popular with todays RV owner.

 EPDM rubber only negative including the absorbing sunlight and has occasionally seen moisture leakage. It's a strong material that tends to last a bit longer and is durable especially with a hail storm.. 

In conclusion, both products are very high quality and will help protect your RV roof greatly. The EPDM rubber is a bit thicker, but the TPO is more reflective. We have a chart below that breaks down both products.⬇️ 

We also have a video that explains the installation process on every roofing product description. 



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Historical Usage

20 years

60 years


Reflects sunlight

Retains heat from sunlight


Chemically adhered

Chemically adhered


Seams fused with seam tape

Seams fused with seam tape

Color Options

White, grey, tan, others





Warranty Duration

15 years

12 years

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