5 Key Things to Know When Buying Wholesale RV Parts:

5 Key Things to Know When Buying Wholesale RV Parts:

The RV industry has seen quite a boom in the previous few months due to Covid. Owners are looking to get away and isolate outdoors. Being able to travel is going to be a struggle especially in a plane so the RV industry will gladly help fill that gap. That being said, the top brands in the industry have had their own issues with getting their inventories and shipping around the country. The RV market is going to need great people to get parts to RV owners and here is a list of 5 things to keep in mind when buying wholesale.

  1. Getting the top Brands in each industry. There is nothing worse than shipping items to customers and dealing with customer service issues with every customer. Getting high quality trusted brands allows the customer to feel more at ease and most of the time those companies offer a warranty on their parts. Top Brands(Dicor, Dometic, Suburban, Alpha Systems, PowerMax, WFCO, Shurflo, PMP United)
  2. PRICE: Obviously price is so important when it comes to margins and this is easily something that can make the difference in surviving the market. 
  3. Working with the right company. There is nothing worse than fighting to get parts after running out. Find a company that will be upfront and honest with you over prices and shipping times.
  4. Being able to adjust products as the seasons change. Find a company that understands the industry and can allow inventory to change based on what is hot in the market. 
  5. Make sure you’re getting the newest products on market. New products come out every year so make sure to get the newest models once they come to market.

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